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NAAHAC Acupuncture



All New Clients Must Schedule by phone, please call 801-662-8610


Initial Consultation & Diagnosis $60

Duration: 1-2 hours depending on medical history. Please call 801-662-8610 to schedule your consultation

This is a onetime consultation required prior to receiving any Oriental Medicine Modalities. If you are a returning patient please schedule a Re-Examination Consultation

What You Need:

  • Regular clothing that can expose the forearms and calves
  • Please refrain from brushing your tongue for at least 24 hours prior to the examination
  • If possible print out or pick up your paperwork and bring it to your appointment already filled out

The consultation does not include a treatment. If you would like a treatment the same day as your initial intake please schedule it in addition to your consultation.

The Initial consultation includes a complete medical history intake based on the patients’ subjective experience as well as objective findings from the acupuncturist. Oriental Medicine objective diagnosis is based observation, palpation, and listening.  The most commonly used diagnostic methods are a palpation of the radial (wrist) pulse or the abdomen and observation of the tongue, face and posture.


Initial or Private Treatment $60

Duration: 1+hours Please Call 801-662-8610 to schedule your appointment

Preparation for treatment:

  • Please wear clothing that can easily expose your forearms and calves
  • It is best to come with a comfortable stomach neither full nor hungry
  • Please refrain from brushing your tongue the morning of the treatment

The first treatment is given in a private room. It begins with a detailed conversation about what to expect during your acupuncture treatment. During the treatment each person is allowed to stay for as long as they feel comfortable with the treatment (typically 40-60 minutes although it can very). After the treatment there is a conversation about what a general treatment plan includes given the patients overall health and primary purpose for receiving treatment.

Most treatments are in a lazy boy reclining seat for optimal comfort although they can be on a massage table depending on the treatment. Typically all needles are placed in the ears, forearms,

The first treatment typically includes an in-depth case review and detailed diagnostics using observation and palpation.
*Acu-Magnets or Acu-Beads may be substituted for needles upon patient request.
Time: 30 minutes of consultation and diagnosis with 30 minutes with the needles


Semi-Private Treatments $40

5 For $190 – 10 For $360  – Month Unlimited $200 (Auto Pay $150)

Follow up acupuncture treatments are provided in a group setting with as many as 1-2 other patients. All treatments are in  a lazy boy reclining seat for optimal comfort. Typically all needles are placed in the ears, forearms, hands, calves and/or feet.  These treatments only include acupuncture.
*Acu-Magnets or Acu-Beads may be substituted for needles upon patient request.
**Acupuncture treatments come with additional quiet time with the needles. Please allow for up to 1 hour of treatment time.


Dietary Recommendation $30

Dietary counseling is typically given from a traditional Chinese Medicine point of reference. The medicinal value of food is recommended based on a holistic point of view. The therapeutic actions of food are based off of observable qualities of food. Recommendations are specific to each person based on their unique constitution, primary environment, the current season, and current health status.


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