Herbal Consultation

Chinese Herbal Consultation 



Consultation Fee

Initial Consultation ~ $120

Follow up Herbal Consultation~ $30

Chinese herbs should be dispensed only after consultation with a qualified practitioner. Understanding Chinese herbal formulas takes a minimum of 5 years of intensive study including a detailed study of individual herbs actions, contraindications and which herbs can be safely combined with other herbs into complex formulas. Formulas are designed to specifically suit the unique constitution of each client, that clients primary health concern, and balance them to their specific environment.

Herbal consultations cost $120 for your initial consultation and diagnosis and follow up consultations cost $30 plus the cost of the herbal formulas. Follow-ups are only needed every other week in the beginning and later as few as once per month. Herbal medicine that lasts about 20 days can range between $30 – $40. Herbal consultations can be included in an Acupuncture visit with the only extra charge being the cost of the herbs themselves. Herbal medicines are usually immediately available following a consultation

Unlike prescription drugs, herbs are extremely cost effective. This is similar to the average co-pay of a prescription drug plan, with the added benefit that you won’t be on them for the rest of your life.


What can I expect during an Herbal Consultation?

Your initial herbal consultation can take between 30 minutes to two hours depending on the type and severity of your problem.

After filling out a questionnaire detailing your past and current medical history including your diet, current medications and supplements, health and lifestyle. The herbalist will review and discuss this information with you and may ask questions about specific symptoms listed. After the intake the herbalist will then look at your tongue and feel your pulse. With this information, the herbalist will determine your imbalances.

After a Chinese Medical diagnosis has been determined, an herbal formula will be prescribed usually in the form of granules but possibly in the form of pills or capsules. Your herbalist may also make dietary, lifestyle and exercise suggestions. And may recommend acupuncture treatments as well.


What is a Chinese Herbal Formula?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is quite different than just taking store-bought, prepackaged “herbal supplements.” A balanced selection of natural medicinal herbs is specifically customized for each person’s health condition. The effects of each formula on the individual will be carefully monitored and adjusted accordingly.


TCM Herbal Therapy

Our herbal consultations are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostics. This approach to herbal therapy is not the typical allopathic approach to herbs that you find in the health food store (i.e. take ginseng for energy), but a more specific way of balancing the body by strengthening deficiencies, reducing excesses, cooling heat conditions and warming cold conditions. You will find that the TCM diagnostic technique works to alleviate symptoms of most western disease by balancing the entire body.

Fewer Side Effects – Chinese herbal treatments are taken in a natural and whole food form.  For example, teas are decocted from whole roots, stems and leaves then capsules are filled with crushed whole food material.  Chemical medicines are made by locating active chemical compounds and creating medicines from these compounds.  When reduced to its chemical fundamentals, pharmaceuticals can have side effects.  When used appropriately, most Chinese herbal treatments will cause no side effects, as long as they are used in their whole food form.  Research in China has shown that when reduced to their active chemical compounds, Chinese herbal treatments will cause side effects.  This is one reason why TCM practitioners continue to use whole food forms of treatments.  Because TCM treatments have not been reduced to their active compounds, they must be consumed in larger quantities and more frequently than most chemical pharmaceuticals.


Our Philosophy on Herbs & Chinese Medicine

It is common, even standard, for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners to prescribe an herbal formula in conjunction with an Acupuncture treatment. There is, however, a time and place for herbs. With our understanding of Classical True Acupuncture theory, we are able to acquire a deep understanding of an individual’s energetic disharmonies, thus allowing us to properly utilize acupuncture and herbs appropriately and not as a shotgun therapy. Most often, acupuncture is the primary therapeutic method and attains great results by itself—yet; there are instances where medicinal herbs need to be the primary treatment method. Rarely will we give you both acupuncture and Chinese herbs together, at least not initially, for this blurs the boundaries in distinguishing which method yielded which effects. Furthermore, herbs have a marked effect on the radial pulses, a primary diagnostic tool for us, and it is for this main reason that we must know how you are responding to treatment via acupuncture before administering herbs, which may not even be necessary at all.

Our philosophy is simple: with detailed pulse diagnosis, we can properly evaluate your systems and treat your true disharmonies with the most appropriate therapeutic method, as opposed to other therapies that follow the old adage: “If you throw enough stuff at the wall, sooner or later, something will stick.”


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