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Heather Duke – Wisely

          LMT Utah College of Massage Therapy



I have always had a passion for the healing arts.  I graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2001.  After a short time as a Massage Therapist I decided to further my knowledge of the healing arts and enrolled in the Pacific College of  Oriental Medicine in New York. My style of body work was influenced at PCOM  to use more Eastern style Massage: Shiatsu, Fire Cupping, Reiki, Tui Na and Gua Sha.



Kelly Giglio

          LMT Utah College of Massage Therapy



As a graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy I have really connected with the insightful and ever-expanding realm of healing and wellness.  I strongly believe that our physical, emotional and mental bodies want to live harmoniously, but that sometimes we just need a little help getting back to that beautiful state of balance. The modalities I enjoy are Trigger Point Therapy, Sports and Injury Rehabilitation, Deep Tissue, and above all Cranial Sacral Therapy.


Caitlin Rushton

          LMT Utah College of Massage Therapy



I knew I always wanted to help people for my career I started my path on the western aspect of healing as a CNA, MA, and Phlebotomist. In 2015 I went to an open house at Utah College of Massage Therapy and fell in love, that same day I signed up to become a student and never looked back. I love being able to help people with pain, stress, and relaxation through various modalities.


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