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Neighborhood Acupuncture and ­Healing Art 

Rental Rooms


Studio Rental

Our studio spaces are perfect for workshops, lectures, seminars, studio performances, yoga, pilates, rehearsals and other private events.


Our 2 studios and Classroom space are available for rental at affordable hourly rates. 

Rental Rates

Basic Hourly Rental is $30.00

~ Rates for classes, workshops, auditions, parties, studio performances and commercial rates vary by event and may be subject to different fees.  Please contact Stephen Wisely at for further details.

~ Reduced artist rates may be available.  Rates are based on availability and upon approval of an application.  If you would like to apply or for further information contact Stephen Wisely at

~ Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card.  Checks are required 1 week before rental to insure clearance time.


Rental Bookings

Space can be booked by phone or in person.  All renters must book and pay for space in advance.  First-time renters are required to sign a rental agreement policy before using the space.



Cancellation Policy/Deposit

~25% non-refundable deposit is required for multiple date, performance, workshop, etc. rentals.

Renters who fail to show up for their reserved time will be charged for the full rental.  All clients must             make note of the date, time, and with whom they cancelled in order to receive credit.

~ 48 hours cancellation notification is required for regular bookings.  If renter fails to cancel before that, they will be charged for the full scheduled rental block.

~ 2 weeks cancellation required when booking more than 6 days or 6+ weeks in advance and/or for an ongoing rental.  If renter fails to notify or cancel before that, they will be charged for the full scheduled rental time.


Procedure Policies

~ No food, drinks (besides water) and shoes allowed on the Yoga studio floor.  No smoking is allowed in the studio.

~ It is the responsibility of the renter to leave the studio clean and in the condition they found it.

~ Set-up and breakdown must be done within the allotted time of the studio rental.

~ Exact use of the space must be explained to management. NAAHAC management reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of the events that take place within the space.  NAAHAC reserves the right to cancel for any reason.

~ No items may be stored in NAAHAC without prior permission outside of rental period.

~ Sound, noise and congregating outside must be maintained at a level that is not disruptive to our neighbors.  NAAHAC reserves the right to remove or ask for the removal of any objectionable person or     persons.  NAAHAC or its staff shall not be liable to the lessee for any damage that may be incurred by the Lessee through exercising of such a right.

~ If a representative or group should violate any terms of the agreement, NAAHAC will have the right to terminate their occupancy immediately.

~ Renters will be held responsible for any damages.  NAAHAC reserves the right to repair such damaged property and bill the renter for the repair.  Such reimbursement must be paid within (30) days or receipt of the invoice from NAAHAC for such expense.

~ No property will be stored on NAAHAC premises.

~ The lessee shall not admit to the studio a larger number of persons than can safely and freely move about.

~ The special flooring surface, designed for Movement Therapy, may not be scratched, painted, permanently marked, cut or punctured in any manner.  Scenic units and/or equipment may not be attached to the floor and no materials may be used which might damage its surface.  PVC or cloth tape must be used.  Masking, duct tape, packaging tape, etc. may not be applied to the floor.  When putting props, ladders, chairs, etc. on the floor, there should be a tarp placed under them to prevent floor damage.

~ NAAHAC phones are not to be used without prior permission.

~ Property and physical equipment of NAAHAC is not to be moved or removed without prior permission.

~ Renter agrees to comply with all applicable municipal, provincial, and federal government laws and regulations, and assumes all liability for any claims against NAAHAC in violation thereof as a direct or indirect result of renter’s use of the NAAHAC facility.