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Holiday Special Offers

Give the gift of Health

15% off Gift Cards, Personalized for friends or family. Now until Christmas!

Holiday Chill Pass

30 Min. Massage and Relaxing Acupuncture Stress Treatment.

Only 35$ for Existing Clients and $45 for New Clients

                         (Quick Consult is needed for New Clients)

Renew from the holiday hustle and bustle with this mini spa day.

Free Yoga!

Complementary morning Yoga classes. Our Gift to keep you Happy & Healthy.

Free Classes through December 31st

7AM Wednesday & Friday and 9AM Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Holiday Gift Bags

Herb & Tea Gift Bags – Prepackaged and Bulk Discounted –

Christmas Spice Gift Bag – $25

Cold Care Gift Bag – $25

Italian Spice Gift Bag – $27

Nourishing Roots Gift Bag – $30

Pain Relief Gift Bag – $23

All of our Herbs and Teas are Organically Sourced and Packaged by Hand

Whats in the Gift Bags

Pain Relief BagNews letter herb bags

Ashwagandha Root   1oz
Comfrey Leaf  0.75oz
Cramp Bark 1oz
Jamacian Dogwood 0.5oz
 St. Johns Wort 1oz
Tumeric Powder 1oz
Willow Bark 1oz
All the ingredients you need to make remedies for
Relieving Symptoms Chronic Pain
Acute Pain and injury
Herbal Oils and Herbal Baths
 price: $23.00

Cold Care Bag

 Sinus Steam 1oz
Elder Flower 1oz
Ginger Root 1oz
Peppermint Leaf 0.5oz
 Elder Berries 1oz
Echinacea Root 1oz
Astragalus Chai 1 Bag
All the ingredients you need to make tea for
Relieving Symptoms of Common Cold
Recovering and Preventing Common Colds
 price: $25.00

Nourishing Roots Bag

 Angelica Root 1oz
Ashwagandha Root 1oz
Astragalus Root 1oz
Burdock Root 1oz
 Dandilion Root 1oz
Licorice Root 1oz
North American Rhodiola Root oz
All the ingredients you need to make fresh
Nourishing Herbal Soup Stock
Nourishing Decoctions
 price: $30.00

Italian Spice Bag

 Basil 1oz
Bay .25oz
Oregano 1oz
Whole Rainbow Peppercorn 1oz
 Rosemary 1oz
Sage .75 oz
Thyme 1 oz
All the ingredients you need to make fresh
Italian Spice blend
Turkey Spice blend
Stuffing Spice blend
 price: $27.00

Christmas Spice Bag

 Whole Allspice 1oz
Whole Anise Star Pods 1oz
Cinnamon Chips 1oz
Ginger Root 1oz
 Whole Nutmeg 2 pc
Whole Cloves 1 oz
Dried Orange Peel
price: $25.00

Stocking Suffers Sourced from Organic Ingredients

 Nourishing Herbs –  Prepacked Handy Bags